Love Of Skunks - Intoxication Explained

It's True and We Are Not Weird, You Are!

Powered by Skunks - this is the future - all skunks should be free - fact.

This skunk likes to stay at Maison Jasmin, a nice rental to burrow down in Ile d'Oleron France

This is one cute lil skunk... You know you want one. Be sprayed everyday, get your own, but make sure to keep them free. Che Skunguevara! Viva le Skunk Revolution!

Don't Be Afraid To Say - It Stinks - I Love It!
Ever watch Hollywood Squares in the 80's?
Remember that factoid?
I'm one of you... 10% of the population that secretly loves the smell of skunks.
It's a secret no more, the skunk is out of the bag... peee uuuu.
Take a whiff, you might just like it, this is a support forum for our kind.

Afraid, scared, no one to talk to?

Email a Skunk For a Free Wiff

First, make sure you have set your internet settings to allow Skunk Scents to be accepted into your inbox. Then keep reading.

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Afraid, scared, no one to talk to? Our email inbox is available 24 hours a day. If you ever are in need of a friendly inbox to mail, we're your target. We'll do our best to give you as much support as possible. We'll encourage you to tell that friend, your parents, maybe even your spouse, "I Love Skunks". Our support line will give you the tools you need in order to navigate this complex and often debilitating fear of ridicule. Again, our inbox is open 24 hours a day, we always have someone at hand, sniffing oeu-deur #5. Pick up those fingers, start clicking, relief is just an email away. Upon receipt of your email, we will email you back one skunk sniff. Please set your computer to accept scents through email.
Email Skunk Support @
We'll have our tail up for you...